"Oh, my jewelry?" Serah grinned; absolutely, she loved her jewelry and was proud of it, though comments like that made her ever the more confident in her craftsmanship. Talent like hers didn’t come naturally, after all—it was years of practice in the making! And with that much practice, surely her work became more and more refined until the glass was practically indistinguishable from real gemstones—well, unless it was an artistic decision to keep it looking glasslike, but most people preferred the gemstone look so they would have gems, but without spending a fortune. "Thank you, I made it myself. All of my jewelry is hand-crafted, actually," she laughed, her nose crinkling with the grin on her face. 


Serah intended on moving along right away after making the compliment, after maybe brightening this girl’s day—if that smile was anything to go by—but something made her want to stick around and chat a bit more. Maybe it was the fact that it was such a nice day that was ending that made Serah feel a little bit more chatty after a long day, or maybe it was the fact that she was glad the girl wanted to respond to her little compliment back.

"If you ever wanted to stop by, I sell things like this at Tolouse market square pretty cheaply… It is glass, after all, so it’s not like I’m charging for fine-cut gemstones." No, no, if she could do that, she’d be living like a king. She probably could be if she wasn’t so stubborn that she wouldn’t let her parents pay for a luxury suite and tuition at St. Orwell’s for her… 

"It’s no problem, and really?" Ayano blinked, staring at her jewelry with awe. There was no reason to doubt her, but Ayano had to admit she was impressed. She could never handcraft jewelry like that—-maybe ones from a kit—-not from glass though. Actually, she was never good at handcrafting, except for simple clothing items, so that probably wasn’t much of a compliment. Still, her work was beautiful. 

Stepping back, her lips curved up into a smile once more from how happy the lady looked talking about her jewelry. She seemed proud to Ayano, not that there was anything wrong with that, because this kind of work was something to be proud of. Heck, if Ayano could do that, she would flaunt it too. Sadly, she wasn’t able to. 

"I’ll have to check it out, " Ayano nodded thoughtfully, "but, I’ll need to know when you’ll be there. Do you have any idea?" She knew she was definitely going to buy some jewelry, but it’d be a shame if she kept going there when she wasn’t even there, and also a waste of her time. Even though she was currently jobless, she had other obligations related to her family. 


“You’re a child.”

Motichika’s eyes flickered up from his personal goldfish tank. With a feeding wand in one hand and a hoop in the other, the white-haired aquarist was teaching his animals a few tricks. “They’ll get bored.” He told his manager, slowly removing his hand from the tank. “Fudokune will start a revolution.” When his fingers cleared the water habitat, Motochika walked over to the sink, washing his hands so they’d be free from any unsavory grime.

“Whatcha need? I don’t start inspecting till 6:00am.”

The sun wasn’t even out yet. He stared out the window, covering his one eye, to see the shrouded darkness that had enveloped the city. “You’re teaching an intern—“

“What.” Motochika barked. His eyes widened with shock, a veritable reaction occurring throughout his body. It was—excitement. Oh, the things they would do together, the stupid blue shirts and khakis they’d have to mutually wear, the stuff they’d learn. The large, white-haired man practically vibrated with joy.  “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

His manager shook his head ruefully. “‘Cause you’d be like this. It’s a girl, don’t hit on her, don’t feed her to your demonic dolphins, don’t do anything stupid. C’mon, she’s right outside.” Waving Motochika forward, the manager rolled his eyes. “He was right about you, you know?”


“You’re a child.”

“Teaching a teenager, it could work.” He laughed- a warm smile on his face. They walked out, not necessarily hand in hand, but assured in the other’s skills. The manager looked side-ways, knowing that the force of Motochika’s strange personality would be enough to carry him.


He swaggered forward, holding out his hand for the girl to shake.

"So you’re the one I have to teach, eh? It’ll be a piece of cake, trust me. Welcome aboard, my name is Motochika and I’ll be your captain.”

A man, whom Ayano did not know the name of, ushered her inside the Aquarium, and simply told her to ‘wait’ as he trotted off to whatever work he was obligated to do, or at least that’s what she assumed. Actually, the man was probably going to get the guy designated to train her through her internship at this aquarium. Yep, most likely, and she couldn’t help but smile to herself as she thought of such.

Honestly, she was excited, although nervous. She could practically feel her heart pounding against her rib cage as she sat in the stiff chair, waiting for the man to come back. If this went well, she might be able to land a job here, and that’s what she was looking for. Not only that, she always wanted to work with animals. Maybe it was because of the nurturing side of her, or the sheer beauty of marine life, whichever one managed to get her here. 

Just as quickly as the man left, he came back, but this time, he was with another guy. Ayano stood from her seat, facing towards them, fixing her skirt as she did. She had to look presentable, right? Finally facing towards them, she was able to get a good glimpse at the other man. To her surprise, he looked younger than she initially assumed. She pictured a man in his 40’s, but this one… he looked to be a couple years older than her? Though, his hair color was odd. Maybe he just looked young. 

In any case, Ayano shook his hand with a pleasant smile. She was a bit puzzled by the way he spoke, but overall it was pretty laid-back, and he reminded her of a pirate. It was nice. All the anxiety from beforehand left her stomach, disappearing in an instance, and she was left with pure excitement. For a second, she had to remind herself this was still a formal occasion, and she had to be careful with the way she spoke. 

Straightening up her posture, she bowed at him, and said , “Thank you, Motochika. I look forward to working with you.”

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Red was the morning sun, and red was the evening sky; red was the heart, the blood, the string of fate, the cheeks of your lover when you twirled her in the air in the euphoric state of puppy love, the lips that you caress gently in yours when you find that time slows to a halt, the world stops turning, the birds stop chirping, all noises stop, and for one, silent, still moment, you have her heart completely in your hands—and you have no idea what to do with it.

Red was also the color of the handcrafted glass earrings Serah wore today, and the color of the rose in the window of the flower shop she passed by in the fountain district. Serah would say that Red is her favorite color, but she prefers pastel tones—pink is the way to go with anything, in her mind. But nonetheless, red was a color that always caught her attention, with its passionate flare or loving warmth; red was the color of people, of humans, of persons, of herself. 

Red was, as well, the color of the hairclip buried in black—perhaps brown? the light made it hard to tell—silken hair that reminded Serah of fine wooden floors that always made a room nice and cozy. She couldn’t help it. She just had to. Serah stepped over to the young lady, smiling, and said with a chime, “I really like your hairclip, it’s very nice!”


Sure, she expected not to get answered and get pushed aside, but she figured that once in a while, people deserved a compliment or two. Serah knows that compliments always made her feel better about herself, even if they were as small as someone liking her hair or one of her jewelry items. 

A job… All she needed was a job, and that was currently Ayano’s reasoning for being at the fountain district. There were a few cafes and restaurants that she could apply to, hopefully getting a job, and maybe then she could move out of her father’s house. Just living there freely made her feel like a slimy leech, because she should at least pay, right? As the years went by, she was getting older and older, so there was no reason not to… All that was necessary was a job. Yes, a job

Passing briefly by the fountain, otherwise known as the Fountain of Fate, she couldn’t help but smile. Many couples and tourists were bustling around the area, and each with a joyful expression of their own. Some were finding love for the first time, some were enjoying the sight of a new city, some were spending time with those dearest to them: none of them caring about the difficulties that might lie ahead. It was all too sweet. 

Ayano blinked as she was suddenly halted by a girl—girl? Was that even the right word? She wasn’t sure, because she looked to be the same age as herself, probably not older. Maybe calling her a lady would be more accurate. Either way, the lady managed to widen Ayano’s smile with her compliment. It was unexpected, but appreciated. 

Shuffling herself so she was right in front of her, she responded, “Thank you. I had them since I was little, so they’re very important to me.” It was true. Even when she was a little kid, she wore them. Her deceased mother had given them to her, along with the scarf around her neck, so she felt an attachment towards them. Not wearing them just… didn’t sit right with her, she guessed. 

"Your jewelry is very pretty as well!" Ayano noted, peering over at the lady’s accessories. They all had a nice shine to them, possibly because they were made of glass, and her earrings were red too, which was Ayano’s favorite color. Admittedly, they were prettier than her hairclips, causing her to wonder why the lady took the time to compliment them. 


Quality wireless Bluetooth headphones were the best. He could just keep his phone in his pocket or something and listen to music without having to fumble around with those complicated wires. Sure, it did empty his wallet, but it was totally worth the investment.

Humming along a bit, he was just walking along the park like he usually did around this time, the late afternoon haze drifting through. Most people weren’t around here at this time - which is why he enjoyed walking around here specifically around now. Less people equals happy Shintaro, definitely.

Taking out his phone as the song changed, his expression turned into a frown as the song started. He didn’t feel like listening to this one, so he got the phone to shuffle his songs again, and settled back into a pleasant song. He was just gonna slip his phone back into his pocket when a squirrel came out nowhere (it seemed to him at least) and headed straight for him. Shintaro almost fell back onto the cold hard pavement in utter shock but managed to balance himself - which, in turn, made him trip over himself and fall straight down onto his back.

He lay there for a few seconds, sliding his headphones down around his neck (which were thankfully unscratched) before the pain really registered. “H-holy shit….” he muttered to himself, but he wasn’t as concerned about himself as he was his phone. Spotting it a few feet away, he made an effort to try and grab it from his current position, but it was just barely out of reach. Letting out a painful sigh, he tried forcing himself to get up, but pains shot down his back and he couldn’t.

At first, Ayano was simply taking a shortcut through the park eventually heading over to her house, however with the breeze softly tickling her skin in an almost soothing manner,  and the stillness drifting through the park, she was convinced to stay. Not for long though. She had groceries to put away, and other obligations to fulfill. 

So, spotting a nearby bench, she plopped herself down, placing the grocery bags she carried right beside her. All she wanted to have was a moment of peace nowher mind to herselfnothing else. Granted, she could have that at home, but here, no one would bug her. At home, she had siblings and a father. She loved them of course, however having your mind to yourself was rather nice.


Suddenly, her thoughts were interrupted by a loud clang, and she flinched, reflexively blinking. When her eyes came back into focus, she saw a phone skidding towards her feet, and the probable owner of said phone sprawled across the ground. Her eyes widened, and she froze for a moment, unsure what to do.  Until, she heard a sound of distress leave his lips, and she immediately rushed towards him. 

"Are you okay?!" She exclaimed, frantically moving to his side. A quick glance over his body only confirmed her thoughts. Although he had no bleeding or bruising from what she could tell, the look on his face was enough. He had to be hurt somewhere… 

Shooting him a concerned look, she took out her phone. Her hand hovered over the dial pad, ready to dial the emergency hotline if the situation called for it.  

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アヤノの幸福理論 by 手刀葉



Artwork by 12@マイピク募集中@中三
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